I got a friend who excitedly told me about this new service originally brought by the heads of ALL RED Company… hehe… none other than Air Asia.

This new service has nothing to do with airlines which was the core business of Air Asia, but yet it has the same purpose … taking you to another place but yet with a different approach… this time we can be anywhere in just seconds!!!

Introducing…. (Drum please! hehe)

TUNE TALK – Now! We’re Talking!

This time Tony Fernandez and his team expand their business to telecommunication via Tune Ventures Sdn Bhd … so now we have an alternative rather than celcom… digi… or maxis (Major player buat masa ni… tapi tak lupa gak U Mobile dan yang lain lain). More rivals means better service for us.. these company must compete with each other to win the heart of the people. Company with the best service and offers shall win and promise its survival in the industry.

Enough talk about that, now let’s talk about TUNE TALK… first look, it’s a phone company…prepaid mobile service, but with its own added value and promotion..

Summary :

Owners : Apart from Celcom, Tune Ventures (owned by Datuk Seri Tony Fernandes and Datuk Kamarudin Meranun) has a 37.5% stake in Tune Talk.

The remaining 27.5% in Tune Talk is held by several individuals including Datuk Seri Kalimullah Masheerul Hassan, Lim Kian Onn, Lo, Gurtaj Singh (the COO of Tune Talk) and Mark Lankaster (the CEO of Tune Hotels).

CEO : Jason Lo (Penyanyi.. terlibat ngan MyTeam gak dulu.. ni jak yang ku tau.. hehe)
Tagline : Now! We’re talking! (so cool)
Launched : 19 August 2009
Prefix : 010 (ni nombor lama ni … teringat plak zaman telefon mudah alih sebesar beg atau botol air)
Functions : Voice, SMS (MMS… Video call etc etc blum ada lagi tapi Jason Lo cakap tak lama lagi dorang akan perkenalkan GPRS)
Charges Voice calls – 22 sen per minute (emm macam agak mahal jugak)
SMS – 5 sen each (aku rasa masih mahal gak ni)
IDD calls – 10% cheaper than other operators (This one look promising)

Tune Talk SIM starter pack is sold at RM5 and is already preloaded with RM5 pre-loaded worth of talk time with 30 days validity for immediate usage!

Features/Value add
* RM100,000 personal accident coverage by Etiqa ( Wow… this is good!)
* RM200 AirAsia E-Gift Vouchers for Top 10 callers everyday (Cool)
* Choose your own number (This is the best part , i think!)
* Roaming (presently via Celcom’s roaming arrangements) - Haaa yang ni aku akan cerita lebih lanjut.
* Mobile number portability (standard dah ni)

To reload
* www.tunetalk.com
* e-Pay
* over 10,000 authorised dealers nationwide

Roaming (presently via Celcom’s roaming arrangements)

Tau tak apa maksudnya ni… ini bermaksud Tune Talk ni tumpang line celcom la… this mean, mana ada line celcom… ada la line Tune Call… that’s why they claim, they have the widest network coverage in Malaysia.. dah tumpang celcom.. mestilah kan.

Bahasa standardnya orang ble panggil Tune Talk ni syarikat MVNO… tau tak apa tu MVNO… An MVNO is a mobile service operator that does not have its own licensed spectrum and infrastructure to provide mobile service to its customers. Instead, MVNOs lease wireless capacity from existing mobile service providers and establish their own brand names different from the providers. In Tune Talk’s case, it rides on Celcom (Malaysia) Bhd’s network.

Tune Talk ni bukanlah MVNO pertama di Malaysia, U-Mobile, Merchantrade, XOX.An and RedTone International Bhd juga menggunakan konsep yang sama.

Apa pun… aku sangat tertarik dengan laman web TUNE CALL @ www.tunetalk.com … design tip top! pastu laman web ni iktiraf fungsi youtube, twitter dan facebook.

Korang layari channel youtube Tune Talk… sangat best ok! Video di bawah ni iklan favorite aku dari tunetalk… i just can’t stp laughing!! I give 10 stars!!

So now my friend, apa pendapat korang?? Adakah korang akan cuba service prepaid dari tunetalk ini???